Star Wars: Shatterpoint: Today the Rebellion Dies Squad Pack ^ JUN 7 2024

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Amid the aftermath of one of its greatest defeats, the Empire unleashes one of its most elite units to defend its interests! Leading Inferno Squad, the skilled pilot, unconventional tactician, and survivor of the Death Star's destruction, Iden Versio, is supported by Gideon Hask, a man of ruthless determination and unshakeable loyalty to the Empire. Together with the rest of Inferno Squad, they've proven their mettle in numerous covert actions, carrying out assassinations and rapid strikes to safeguard the Empire’s most vital secrets.

- 5 Character Miniatures
- 5 Bases
- 4 Character Stat Cards
- 4 Stance Cards
- 4 Order Cards
- 1 Rulesheet

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