Invasion of Hoth Star Wars Shatterpoint Tournament April 27th 2024

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Welcome to Critical Hit's Star Wars Shatterpoint Team Tournament!
*Tickets are non-refundable for any reason**
Please contact for help.

How to sign-up:
1. Purchase your team ticket, (there is no physical ticket).
2. Read the player pack in this ticket.
3. Post your list into Longshanks app.

Longshanks link:

Event information:
Non ranked, casual event

Date: April 27th 2024
Entry: $40 per team, only one team member buys entry
Longshanks: All attending members must sign in on LS.
Start time: 9am (setup), 9:30am round 1 start time.
Rounds: 4
Round time: 2 Hours total. 1:30min regulation. 30min Mission critical if needed.

Premiere Showdown Event Rules with the following exceptions

Each player brings 2 squads, the 4 squads must adhere to the selection rules presented in the Premiere Showdown rules

Each round each member of the team will choose one of their squads to use, no combination of squad pairing may be repeated throughout the tournament

A mission pack must be chosen along with strike teams for the tournament

Prizing structure:
Top 3 player ranking store credit, and additional raffle prizes.

Tournament game rules:
Following AMG official tournament rules. if round is not completed from mission critical, most wounds dealt will be next tie breaker used.

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