Roast Beef Sliders $12.95

Comes on 3 slider buns with roast beef, provolone cheese, and mayo and a side of chips.

Pizza Sliders $12.95

Comes on 3 slider buns with sliced salami, provolone Cheese, tomato sauce and a side of chips.

Ham and Cheese Croissant $13.49

Toasty large croissant with farm fresh ham, provolone Cheese and a side of chips.

Yakisoba Noodles $12.49
Yakisoba Noodles with a vegetable medley, and a side of chips.

Upgrade any chip option to:
Side salad $3.
Side chili $4.
1/2 Pizza $11.49 - 11.95
Cheese or Peperoni Pizza with 2 large slices and a side of chips

Hot Dog $10
All beef Hot Dog comes with choice of Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, or Relish toppings and a side of chips
Upgrade to a Chili Dog for $4
Critical Hit Chili $11.49
Our Mild Chili with Red Kidney beans, Ground beef, Onions, Tomatoes and a side of chips

Nachos $13
Crunchy nachos, with queso, cheese and salsa stacked on the side.


Dessert & Milkshakes

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry $7.25
You classic milkshake made with the flavours of your choice with milk and ice cream, topped with whipped cream.
Middle Earth Mocha Milkshake $7.95
A delicious coffee flavoured shake make with Fabled Bean coffee and mixed with vanilla ice cream.
Viking Bowl $5.75
Ice cream sundae bowl with cookies and cookie crumble topped with chocolate sauce and topped with whip cream.

Marble Coffee Cake & Ice Cream $8.75
Moist coffee cake slices, with a side of vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce.

Chocolate & Candy Bars
King size Mars chocolate bar $3
Reese peanut butter cups $2.50
Airheads candy bar $1
Organic Drip Coffee
$2 each, or Carafe for $15

Double espresso shot, steamed milk, little foam

Double espresso shot, steamed milk, topped with foam

Mocha $4.50
Double espresso shot, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream , cocoa powder

Americano $3.00
Double espresso shot and cup filled with boiling water

Red Eye $6.00
Double espresso shot and drip coffee

Organic Teas $3.00
Ask your server what Teas are available today

Flavor Shots $1.00
Available for all our coffees

Take-Out Menu
Drip 12oz $3.00
Drip 16oz $3.75
Golden Axe Beer $7.50
Easy, approachable craft blonde 5% abv.

Rolling Rock $6.75
Rolling Rock is a 4.4% abv American lager.

Ask about craft beer rotation $8.50 - $8.75
Always changing.

Counter Spell Cocktail $7.50
Blue curacao 1oz, vodka 1oz, cherry grenadine, sprite.

The Golden Throne
3/4oz white rum, 3/4oz coconut rum, 3/4oz amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice.

Lord of Waterdeep
1oz vodka, 1oz dark rum, 1/2oz blue curacao, lemonade, pineapple juice.

Regular Mixed Drinks $6
Rye, apple whiskey, white rum, dark rum, vodka.

Red or White 6oz Wine Glass $7
Ask your server what's in rotation.

Red or White Sangria
Glass $8
Pitcher $26