Universus Pre-Release Kit: YuYu Hakusho Dark Tournament

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Come join Critical Hit Gaming Lounge's Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament prerelease on February 18th, 2024!

How to join:
1. Sign up below on the UGN link
2. Purchase a Pre-Release kit via the event link.

Each player will receive 6 packs to build their decks with, and be given time to build a deck before we run the event.

We'll have a ton of extra promos to hand out on top of the standard prerelease kit. Extra packs of the set will be provided as well based on the number of players and placing

Official UGN Link: https://play.uvsgames.com/events/2a72e3ef-f325-4dae-9b49-9b4afa154017

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