MtG Arena: Brawl Weekly Qualifiers

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MTG Brawl Weekly Qualifiers

Wednesday Nights 6:30pm

Magic Arena (platform) and MTG Melee (tournament organization)

Entry: $15 ($5 optional donations appreciated)

NOTE****(Your tournament code will be sent to you via email, so please ensure your email is listed on your ticket upon purchase).****

Winners get an invite for our competitive multiplayer commander In-Store Tournament. Be part of something that’s never been done before!

****Requirements to qualify****
1-8 players, top 2 qualify
9-16 players, top 4 qualify
17-24 players, top 6 qualify

Participate in 3 or more qualifiers to get an invite to the Brawl online Championship! (must qualify).

In-Store Commander tournament prizes: Cash prize ($9 per entry goes into the prize pool).

Product Prizing for Brawl Online Championship
100$ towards MAGIC SINGLES within our stock for top prize, packs/singles for top 8.