Bloodlust- 40k tournament -April 13th 2024

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Welcome to the Bloodlust Warhammer 40k 2000 pt 10 edition tournament! A solo event consisting of 3 rounds on the day and prizes to be won.

1. Purchase a ticket.
2. Read the player pack on release.
3. Submit you army list via BCP mobile app (Best Coast Pairings).
Contact us for help!

Come check out Critical Hit’s RTT! 2000 point & 3 rounds using the GW Leviathan Mission Tournament Pack - $20

ITC Ranked Event Lists submissions due by Friday, April 12th, 5 pm. Lists unlocked at 8 pm.

Maps to be updated closer to event

Ruins will be on 12” x 6” footprints or using the Red Leaf Customs Ruins footprint.

Round 1: Take and Hold, Chilling Rain, Search and Destroy

Round 2: Vital Ground, Chilling Rain, Crucible of Battle

Round 3:Priority Targets, Hidden Supplies, Search and Destroy

WTC Map Layout Map 9: Medium Search and Destroy, Map 10: Medium Crucible of Battle

Battle ready points awarded regardless of painting. Models WYSIWYG reasonably please. DM the Crit Hit FB for questions.

BCP link:

**Ticket is non-refundable for any reason.**

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