Greenwood Café & Roaster


Our café and gaming lounge is inclusive to EVERYONE.  We do not tolerate any bullying or racism.  We have created an environment where people can feel comfortable to be themselves and to feel safe.  It is a place where families can come and enjoy games and good food even in the evening hours.   It is a space where we want everyone to feel welcome.

Regarding the environment, it is especially important to me and Domenic that we are mindful about the environment and where we purchase our coffee and produce for the café.  Coffee farming is an agricultural practice like any other produce and shares many of the same concerns such as deforestation, pesticide use, water use, wastewater, habitat destruction etc.  There are many certifications available to coffee growers.  We are starting with always purchasing organic certified green coffee beans.  We also aim to use a green coffee bean importer that shares similar values.  Our primary supplier is Café Imports.  As we grow, buying direct from farmer will be our goal.  In addition, our meats are purchase at Whispering Meadows, a farm in Ontario that humanely treats their animals. The chocolate that we use for our desserts is organic.  We use biodegradable coffee bags and have a coffee program that aims to reduce the waste of coffee bags. This is a start and we will continue to improve in this area as we grow.  


At Greenwood Café and Roaster we roast our coffee using a fluid bed roaster (air roaster).  Yes, we cook our green coffee beans (which are actually seeds not beans) in hot air.   We roast light to dark and because we have a smaller roaster we can roast coffee as requested, for example, an extra light roast.   

Brewing Methods

Drip, Espresso, Pour Over (Chemex), Turkish.