X-Wing squadrons to the battle of Ontario

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Welcome X-Wing squadrons to the battle of Ontario. We are inviting X-wing players from all over the province to form a squad of 3 capable pilots and pit your skills against everyone.  You will see squads new and old in this ultimate clash of titans.


This tournament will consist of 3 vs 3 match ups where every round each member of your squad will face off against a separate member of another squad. This will be a 2.5 standard list/play tournament where points will be awarded for wins and ties. The team with the most points after 4 rounds will be the winner and have earned the title of best squad in Ontario.


Come on out and enjoy the day with people who love X-wing as much as you.  You can dress up as your favorite pilot if you want to get in the full spirit of things. Bring squad stickers or swag so you can trade with other players and squads.


This tournament will be at Critical Hit Gaming Lounge on the 20th of November and will cost $75 per team ($25 per person).  Rollcall starts at 11am with the first round starting at 12pm. After the first round there will be a break for lunch and another 3 rounds of play after that. There will be prize payouts to the top two teams plus tons of draws and giveaways that everyone will have a chance of winning. As well each player will receive a custom item just for entering the tournament.


We ask that everyone buys their tickets as soon as possible so we can firm up prizing funds.  Once we have our minimum number of players, we will update with our prizing layout. Ticket deadline is the 30th of October but don’t wait as we expect spots to fill up fast.  When you buy your tickets, you will need to let us know what your squad’s name is and your team members.  As many things can come up between now and the tournament, we will be allowing squads to swap out players right up to the day of the tournament so we do recommend having substitute players available.


Once tickets have been purchased player packs will be sent out to the squads with more details on how the tournament will be run.


If you have any questions you can contact Dwight Lindsay at dwight91@yahoo.com, facebook messenger or discord kilum natta #1744




This ticket is not refundable for any reason.

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