Raid at Starkiller Base X-Wing Tournament

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Welcome X-wing pilots. Critical Hit Gaming Lounge is proud to announce: Raid at Starkiller Base X-wing tournament

When: Sunday April 28th, 11am
Where: Critical Hit Gaming Lounge in Courtice

Format: Rules reference and errata published by AMG.

-20 Point Standard list build, 75 minute round time limit, 12 turns max, play stops when win conditions are met.
Tournament will be 4 rounds.

-A different scenario will be played each round determined randomly.

All players will do the same scenario for that round.
Each player must bring all materials necessary for play. In addition to all cards, models, tokens, templates and rulers as usual, each player must also bring the tokens necessary for the scenario that can be found in the scenario document.

Reasonable substitute scenario tokens of the same exact same size and alternate means of visually counting score and game rounds permitted.

Mats will be provided, but if you would like to bring your own to lend to the group for the event it must stay at the assigned table for the duration of the tournament.

Actual game cards are encouraged but list print outs such as YASB or infinite arena are acceptable.

Tickets can still be purchased up to and including the day of the event. We ask that everyone who can purchase their ticket ahead of time.

Prizing will be store credit along with other various prize accumulated over the years.

Critical Hit has a large variety of food and drink so please take time to sample their menu and there will be enough time during the tournament to order and enjoy their food and drinks.

*Tickets are non-refundable*

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