Hyperspace War Star Wars Shatterpoint

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Welcome to Critical HIt's Star Wars Shatterpoint Tournament!
*Tickets are non-refundable for any reason**
Please contact criticalhitgaminglounge@outlook.com for help.

How to sign-up:
1. Purchase your ticket, (there is no physical ticket).
2. Read the player pack in this ticket.
3. Post your list into Longshanks app.

Longshanks link: https://shatterpoint.longshanks.org/event/16504/

Event information:
Date: July 20th 2024
Entry: $20
Format: Premiere Format
Start time: 9am (setup), 9:30am round 1 start time.
Rounds: 4
Round time: 2 Hours total. 1:30min regulation. 30min Mission critical if needed.

Prizing structure:
Top 3 player ranking store credit, and additional raffle prizes.

Tournament game rules:
Following AMG official tournament rules. if round is not completed from mission critical, most wounds dealt will be next tie breaker used.

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