2020 Christmas Packages

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Coffee Roaster's Gift Box - your choice of three different roasts of same bean or same roast three different beans.  Just add your choice to the comments field.  Each bag is 300g of organic coffee. 

Keepin it Fresh Coffee Gift Box - includes AirScape Canister, 300g of organic coffee and coffee membership to Greenwood Cafe and Roaster. 

Performance Enhancing Board Game Gift Boxes - includes 300g of organic coffee and a board game.  There are six gift box selections.

Fantasy Adventure Gift Box - includes spell book cards, miniature, 7pc dice, players handbook, 4 citadel paints, 1 layer brush

Gathering the Magic Gift Box - includes Gamegenic 100+ card deck box, 1 box of sleeves, 6 booster packs, 36D6 Dice. There is an upgrade option to a Gamegenic 200+ deck box.