Magic the Gathering in the Time of COVID-19

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Magic the Gathering in the Time of COVID-19

Isolation does funny things to the mind. It facilitates obscene amounts of focus to be painted to trite and trivial details. Like is Embereth Shieldbreaker better in Korvold than Ingot Chewer

I find my mind often breaking down small details in the deck in an effort to make it function more efficiently.

I'd decided not to go the Food Chain route with it so it became increasingly important that the pieces that I go with create as much value as possible.

Rotating out Squee almost felt like an act of treason, but without being sent to exile, what value does Squee serve over Reassembling Skeleton?

So the wheels began to turn....and the ground to a screeching halt.  How is 'value' measured?  Some spells are clearly a strictly better version of something else.  But what does 'value' mean?

Let's consider an example. Wood Elves currently occupy a slot.  But Nature's Lore does the same thing for 1 mana less.  But lo, what is the value of that body, especially as something to be fed to Korvold on a cast or attack trigger?  Its the same dilemma impacting the Embereth Shieldbreaker and the Ingot Chewer.

How shall I define value?  Speed over synergy, or the reverse?

I won't spoil the big finish so I'll let you in on this now: I don't have this answer yet.

But I think these are really good questions to improve your deck.  The answer may not be so relevant so long as you ask yourself before you "auto-include" something.  Does this do what the deck wants to do?  What are my options if not these pieces?  You may find yourself intrigued by simply how far that rabbit hole you can go.  After all, brewing is arguably just as important as turning those cards sideways.

In these strange times during which we can't see our friends in familiar settings, its important to find new ways to connect with the game, but more importantly with one another.  This is a great opportunity to consider more cerebral aspects of the game and find new ways to connect to one another over it!

Guest Blog by Magic Player James Ness