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The Giants are coming so it's time to get prepared! So far the only thing we know for sure is Aleguzzlers are going to be apart of a big new army. There is speculation about the new Mega Giants all being available in a single kit, varying by how you build them. So until it is clearer on base size, rules, and what is available in the kit we are on hold. One speculation we can make to help us decide what to get is that we will be looking at around 400pts for each variant, taking about 1200pts for all three to be apart of your army. With the Giants able to ally with any AoS army I think the Mega Giants will not be more than 400 points. 

So with their low point cost (for a Behemoth) of 160pts, Aleguzzlers will most likely become batteline units. With our previous speculation of 1200 points of Megas, and leaving room for battalions, three to five Giants seem to be a great place to start! With the variety in the kit you will be able to make all your big drunk boys slightly different. Some people have been turning to other 3rd party models to get a better variety for their army. Good ones to look at would be DnD Giants for Aleguzzlers and Kings of War Giants for alternative Megas.

Giant Alts

My King of War Giant (Gate Breaker), DnD Fomorian models converted with Aleguzzler parts, and an Aleguzzler for size comparison (Still works in Progress)



Aleguzzlers by Jake

Aleguzzlers are just fun no matter what! They stagger and fall around the battlefield while swinging a big club, kicking the smaller models, and trying to stuff things in their bag for a snack for later. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the slower movement. I primarily play Ironjawz so I'm use to a slow moving army. However I feel a giant should have a longer stride than 6". But these 160 point behemoths will be great fun to add to any army!

Aleguzzlers, the big stupid drunks of Age of Sigmar, have rules like "TIMBER!" and "Drunken Stagger". They are incredibly fun and entertaining to play/play against! My first time playing an Aleguzzler was against my friend who got me into AoS. I was playing a generic Chaos army but I had Skarbrand! He took a few big hits and only had a few wounds remaining. Skarbrand does what he does best and put out major wounds! When the "TIMBER!" skill activated the Gargant fell on Skarbrand and ended up slaying him in the death throws. We laughed long and hard and to this day it's one of my favorite AoS stories!

 Aleguzzler Gargant Rules

Aleguzzler Gargant Rules Cont


The three Mega Giants, The War Stomper, The Gate Breaker, and The Kraken Eater will all have their own roles to play.

AoS Giant War Stomper 

The War Stomper I think will be a physical force and the main leader of Sons of Behemat. Just from his sculpt and the fact that Games Workshop is centering him in many pictures and videos.


AoS Giant Kraken Eater

The Kraken Eater looks like he will have some range options. With a cannon in hand and the fact he is nautical themed I think he will have a giant fishing net to cast and a big cannon to shoot things, making him a formidable opponent against horde armies.


AoS Giant Gatebreaker

Finally the Gate Breaker. He looks like an executioner with his hood. So because of his name and sculpt I believe he will be able to somehow damage or destroy terrain features or be a hero executioner. 



Finally, our favourite giant mini who's just mini and not giant, Jonah! We all want rules for our scared little man! Personally I would love to see him become a wizard and have some silly rules for the army. However, I think he will actually become like the Blot Toad for Seraphon's Ripperdactyls, giving them the ability to re-roll failed hit rolls. Possibly Jonah will become a fleeing mess that the Giants chase around the board, giving them bonus charges, re-roll hits, or some other type of fun mechanic. All in all, I think this guy (available in the Aleguzzler Kit) will be getting some type of rules and will be involved with Sons of Behemat!